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Every Moment Counts'

Pupil Deprivation Grant

Pupil Deprivation grant Statement 2017/18 for Overmonnow Primary School


The total number of full time pupils on role in the year 2017/18 was 386.

The schools Free School Meals (FSM) population for 2017/18 was 18.8%.

The total allocation for 2015/16 was £77,050 plus £11,400 for Early Years PDG


At Overmonnow we use the pupil deprivation grant to raise the achievement of all pupils eligible for free school meals and not only those who are lower ability learners.


The school measures the impact of the pupil deprivation grant on improving outcomes for pupils eligible for free school meals and uses this information to inform future grant spending.


The school has undertaken the following activities using the PDG to support pupils eligible for FSM

  • Intervention and catch up groups and training of Teaching Assistants
  • Updating training for staff to improve the quality of teaching for pupils
  • Purchase new reading materials for early readers
  • Release of staff to track vulnerable learners
  • Literacy sessions for parents including a literacy toolkit for each family
  • Investment in ICT for sustainable provision in main school and SNRB in the form of hardware
  • Developing the outdoor space in the foundation phase
  • Mindfulness training for staff.


The PDG is regularly monitored and scrutinised by the governing body, EAS and LA.