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Criw Cymraeg

Croeso i Hafan Criw Cymraeg!

Welcome to our homepage!


The Criw Cymraeg are a group of children from each year group, selected by the teachers, in an aim to encourage the use of Welsh around the school.



Lily, Jasmine, Frankie 




Dylan, Leja




Tilly, Megan





September / Medi:                Sut wyt ti? - Da iawn - Iawn - Wedi blino - Ofnadwy

October / Hydref:                 Pwy biau hwn? - Fi biau hwn

November / Tachwedd:       Cofiwch  - Cofiwch golchi dwylo - Cofiwch gwisgo cot



September / Medi:              Pwy wyt ti? - .... ydw i

October / Hydref:               Pwy biau hwn? - Fi biau hwn

November / Tachwedd:    Pa liw?


Gwobr Efydd Siarter Iaith / Bronze Award Welsh Language Charter

We have been busy in 2018 helping our school achieve a Bronze Award in the Welsh Language Charter for primary schools. We are proud of what we have achieved. We believe children now have the opportunity to speak and enjoy Welsh during every part of their school day.

We were so successful at spreading Welsh throughout the school that Overmonnow Primary has been selected as a Learning Network School for Welsh, supporting other schools to promote Welsh in their own setting.


Gwobr Arian Siarter Iaith / Silver Award Welsh Language Charter

Since Autumn term 2018, we have started to work towards the next set of criteria to achieve the Silver Award. Criw Cymraeg will be very busy supporting pupils and staff to meet the challenges of the Silver Award.


Gwasanaeth Cymraeg / Welsh Assembly

  • We lead Welsh assembly in KS2 on a Wednesday and in the Foundation Phase on a Thursday.
  • We sing songs in Welsh, sometimes traditional hymns and sometimes lively songs like "Pen, Ysgwyddau, Coesau, Traed," "Aderyn Melyn", "Lliwiau'r Enfys" and "Y Tywydd Roc."
  • We are proud to sing our national anthem "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau".
  • We announce the winner of "Dosbarth yr Wythnos" (KS2) and "Siaradwr yr Wythnos" (FoundationPhase).
  • We help teach the new "Brawddeg y Mis".
  • We give out certificates to pupils who have written a diary entry for the class "Dyddiadur".
  • We lead the children in saying our Welsh prayer.
  • We teach others how to play games in Welsh at playtime.
  • We reveal the latest topic for Sgriblo Sydyn and help children write their responses.



Ein flwyddyn ardderchog a brysur  / Our Amazing and busy year in 2018

  • fun Jambori with Martyn Geraint, organised by the Urdd.
  • delivered assembly all about Santes Dwynwen (Welsh equivalent of St. Valentine).
  • exchanged emails in Welsh with Osbaston Primary School
  • performed sketch called "Esgidiau Newydd" in our Eisteddfod.
  • proudly hosted and compered our Cluster Schools Eisteddfod.
  • filmed an Overmonnow Vlog in Welsh which was enjoyed by children in KS2.
  • tested and reviewed new Welsh apps and websites.
  • performed recitations at Gwyl Miri Mynwy, organised by Menter Iaith


Welsh music / Cerddoriaeth Cymraeg

In assembly, we really enjoy listening to a cool Welsh pop group called "Swnami". Why not look them up on Youtube and choose your favourite song?

Beth am wrando ar "Swnami" ar Youtube?



Apiau / Apps

Why not download the Welsh apps we have on school iPads?

Beth am ddefnyddio apiau Cymraeg ar eich iPad?

Alun y Arth (Ar y fferm) and Campau Cosmig.

If you want to find out a Welsh word or check spelling, try Ap Geiriaduron.


Gwefannau / Websites

Why not practice your Welsh by clicking onto these links to watch stories and play games?